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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Adventures in RL - day five

Phoned up Ali Maltz for a planned get-together later today.

Much driving and sightseeing. We went around Capalaba, Cleveland, and Wellington Point. The tide was out, and when it is there's a sandbar stretches out to a small mangrove island that's usually just a few inches underwater. A few folks were strolling backwards and forwards. We collected a few stones and coral, investigated the pools and played with a million hermit crabs and whelks. The soldier crabs were all snoozing under the sand for the noon hours.

We got about halfway out, slowly strolling and investigating everything. Then while we were out on one of the shallow stretches (barely above the water) we spotted the tide coming in. All things considered it came in very quickly, though we got back to the shore in plenty of time. I'm not so certain about some of the others who were a couple hundred metres out and well on their way to the island.

Pause for food and shopping. Carindale shopping centre was beyond packed.

MicroOz-SL-get-together. Alas, we didn't hear back from Ali, but got together with Lucy Linden for a huge discussion of things SL - community, volunteers, resident-experience, and all that. All in all a huge time with one of the great folks in SL – and drinks late in the evening. Great company to get drunk with.

Got back really late. Tomorrow I've got to get online, post this and get myself to Hyasynth's benefit.

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  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Aaaaaaaaaaagh! I hate my mobile phone! No ring, no messagebank call! See you @ Hyacinth's do to organise something else? -ali


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