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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Adventures in RL - day four

We drove around some of the suburbs where I grew up. My old schools, and so, numerous tracks and haunts and stomping grounds. Basically bucking up courage before seeing my parents.

Then we did that.


Spent a bit of time resting up, then we went into town, into the city. Traffic was held up some by a breakdown in one lane of the freeway, but we got in, found parking with considerable ease, and proceeded to do a walking tour of the Queen Street Mall, Myer Center, King George Square, and environs, taking in the sights. Also some dinner along the way.

Then to visit a good friend, way on the other side of town. Good conversation, and good company. Then home at last, to sleep.


  1. Wow. That sounds... Well, it didn't seem to start out well, but it picked up.

    I've been to Australia twice, both times to Perth. The first time was for six months, the second for two.

  2. A city where the main streets
    (North- South) are named after the queens of England, and the (East-West) streets are named after the kings always seemed so sensible to me.
    I think the Riverside markets on the Sunday are still worth a visit, I went on the Trike ride around town, and there is also South Bank to go see.
    Fortiitude Vally has also been cleaned up, and the old "invisable" casinos seem to have gone, or really have become invisable.
    I'm getting homesick now :-( I didn't realize how much I miss the skin cancer causing sunshine, and the blinding glare from the white concrete and glass buildings.
    Next, you have to go back down again.


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