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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Adventures in RL - day three

The last of the pizza, cold – a few minutes with the big, lovely dog there, and we're on our way again, at about a quarter past seven. We stopped in Grafton briefly for a bonus nibble, and then pretty much pressed on to Brisbane.

We diverted through the Gold Coast, getting off the new highway, and getting off onto what used to be the old Pacific Highway through Tweed Heads. We slowly drove through the Gold Coast, and I pointed out the various sights. In some areas, a lot of things have changed. In others, relatively few. I'd forgotten what a beautiful colour the water is. I'd forgotten that water could be that colour.

The Pacific Highway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane is pretty much unrecognisable now. All the landmarks that had persisted for decades, now gone, hidden or changed beyond recognition.

We arrived in Brisbane at about 4pm, got coffee at Garden City, and got a room at the Travelodge there. All very convenient. A spot of shopping, and some driving around the city at night. Brisbane from the Mount Cootha lookout is quite impressive. It stretches to the horizons, and that's not nearly all of it.

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