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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hyasynth Tiramisu

I can't do anything about Ginny's death. I'm powerless to influence my father's condition.

However, there is someone I can help. Hyasynth Tiramisu. Her and her partner Jessica Ornitz are among my oldest and dearest friends in SL. Hyasynth is the genius who makes all the dresses I wear. I'm rarely seen in anything other than her work.

Hyasynth needs some medical tests. Tests that cost money, even after insurance.

Mercurious Monde has gotten together with a bunch of people to organise a fund-raiser for Hyasynth on October 14 at the Stardust Sim.

MagicJustSue Kojima will be DJ'ing and there'll be about all the music and dancing you can stand. There will be prizes, with special prize donations by Fallingwater Cellardor, Baccara Rhodes & Mash Mandala, Chrystin Hathor, Jessica Ornitz, and more. Contact Mercurious Monde if you would like to donate more prizes to the effort. Hyasynth's created a limited edition outfit for the event - not to be missed.

Hyasynth and Jessica are two wonderful people. I'm not asking anyone to do anything or give anything, but I believe this is totally worth it. This is something I can do, and I'll do whatever I can to help her.

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  1. My Order, the Avatars of Change, has just contributed 4000L to the cause to get things rolling.

    May Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!

    Br. Taras
    Prelate, AOC


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