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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I want this

I want this. I so totally want this...

(click for a larger image)

Torley? This is what I was talking about.


  1. We can only dream, Tateru, we can only dream. Sadly, the team doing the UI in SL are truly not imaginative enough to understand how these things should work...

  2. I wish our main menus were antialiased that nicely too! And for high-powered graphics cards with 8x antialiasing (or better!) on, beacons should show up more prominently.

    I digress, and to the meat, that's easier to me! But, why a blue background? (Highest contrast given the current selection?)

    It suddenly occurs to me your Appearance mode, Tat, resembles a cinematic blue screen!

    Hmmm... come to think of this, how did you make this, Tat? It looks like you recreated some of the UI? Did you make a UI widgets kit or something?

  3. Hmm. Add in a "Preview outfit with animation" option and it'll kick ass.

    The artefacts around the blueness speak to me of cut & paste.

    Don't forget, Tateru is getting to be an expert on photoshop compositing as part of the process of creating "Dwell On It: The Comic"

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    OMG! LL needs to hire Tateru to redo the SL interface! That's one of the best clothing dialogs I've ever seen!

  5. The text, I pretty much just typed in. Dialogue, just a gray field with the default drop-shadow text. Icons, button, and tabs, refit from a screenshot of the existing UI.

    And yes, an 'Apply animation' button was planned, but I got pretty tired after a half hour or so of fiddling and had to call it a night.

    Ideally there should also be a button that sets the colour of the 3d preview background.

    The whole lot was slapped onto a 1600x1200 snapshot of me standing on some for-sale land somewhere - although, as it turns out, that means I should have made the text items a bit larger.

  6. That's so awesome it made me sterile.

  7. Like... testing demo clothing before buying them too? That would be neat!

    Great job on this UI, Tateru.

  8. I can attest that Akela was already sterile, and tutored.


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