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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Me, Mera, and Reina who is hosting Building Shelter at The Shelter. I feel like a proud grandma.


  1. You're not that old! None of you! Stoppitstoppitstoppitstoppittalkingstoppit

  2. Shockwave Plasma5:47 AM

    It's usually the older people who have the purple hair.

    At least thats how I remember it when I was very young

  3. If you're the grandma, Tateru, does that mean you carry the "purple" gene as a recessive?

    Actually, I suspect your soul is purple, as well...and it shows...

  4. Why grandma? I don't think you are that old. I would have to agree with Akela. Stop it!

  5. Thank you for showing your support, Tat! All I can think when I look at that pic, though, is "one of these things is not like the others!". I suppose talent can't pass down more than one generation. ;)

  6. Garn Conover8:51 PM

    *Thinks about Tat, then thinks about Brace* hmmmm hehe i think Brace has ya beat :)


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