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Monday, October 16, 2006

Adventures in RL - day six

Went across town and glommed (or snarfed, for you newer folks) some computer time in SL, so that I could be at Hyasynth's benefit, as promised. I think things went really well, although the sim crashed partway through, and I didn't quite notice immediately.

The remainder of the day was largely reserved for a bit of driving around, and a lot of resting. We're heading out in the morning, and want to make an early start of it.

Went for dinner with my parents. It's highly unlikely I will see my father again. Things are not good. We said what we needed to say, a lot of which was 'goodbye' in various forms, and 'thankyou'.

Lucy and I have organised a final get-together. Ali Maltz will be there too. At the end of SLCC last year (2005), Linden Lab encouraged international liaisons to host get-togethers for Residents. Some of those have happened in various parts of the world. I've been looking forward to one in Australia, even if it's just four of us. We're just waiting for them to arrive, as I write this. More after the break.

A good time was had by all, I think. Lucy's passion for SL is undeniable, and we tossed around ideas and speculation for the future until late into the night.


  1. Lucy Linden8:38 AM

    I so enjoyed my first meeting with Secondlife residents. Tateru is the same in real life as in SL, even uses the same gestures. Meeting Tateru and Sladen was comfortable and not at all unfamiliar. Tateru's passion for the volunteers of secondlife is very comforting.

    Ali is a remarkable person/mentor who has much to offer not only the residents of sl but those in realife also. I had never spoken to Ali in secondlife before, and was pleasantly suprised.

    Thanks to Tateru, Sladen and Ali for a wonderful time.

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Well, a good time was had by me -- and apparently above, by Lucy. Thanks for the kind words, Lucy. I'll let you know how I go with the secret Linde... I mean... nothing. :)

    Great to meet everyone there and see you back on the other side. Drive safely!



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