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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Dodgeball Time!

Didn't get around too much this-morning. Answered a few questions, debugged and partially rewrote a script for someone who was having trouble. Finally saw Char Linden inworld. Another thoroughly likeable Linden.

Helped Deevyde Maelstrom debug a new dodgeball game. Still a little lumpy, but it turned out to be quite a bit of fun! Nice to take an hour or so off from the hurley-burley and do something a little different.

Alas, I couldn't make the Community-Team Roundtable. That nasty Daylight Saving shift. 4PM Wednesday, SLT is now 11AM Thursday. Not a naturally tenable time for a working girl, even though my job starts late and finishes late, at about 11AM, I need to be out the door.

Went to make my apologies and slammed up against the edge of Ambleside. Full. Spent a few minutes with the gathering throng at the edge. A lot decided to go elsewhere, but it looked like we had a hundred or more would-be attendees. Someone needs a bigger venue.

SL is smoother and swifter again for me every time I log on. For me, it's already quite an improvement over 1.6. For some other folks, I know it's not.

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