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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You CAN do it!

If you're one of my newbies, you've heard this. If you've been standing in earshot when I've been doing orientations, you've heard this. But it bears repeating.

There is nothing that SL allows, that you cannot do, if only you are willing to learn, and persistent enough not to let inevitable screw-ups and mistakes dissuade you.

You want to be a builder? A scripter? Design clothes? Help newbies? Be a land baron? Run a club? Anything. You can damn-well do it, if you are committed enough.

Sure it looks hard. So did riding a bicycle the first time. Or driving a car. Surviving your wedding. Buying a house. Filling out your tax forms. Anything you don't already know how to do looks hard.....because you don't already know how to do it!

Every skill in SL or RL, however hard it looks, involves a bunch of small steps. Tiny pieces of knowledge, or skill that individually are not difficult to acquire. If you wind up stonewalled, look for the missing piece or step. Something you skipped over that will make it all make sense. Back up to where you do understand and move forward again. When you find the missing piece, what comes after will make sense.

We only make things hard for ourselves, by expecting things to be hard, or by trying to skip steps in our (understandable) impatience to reach our goal.

Be all that you can be. Here endeth the lesson.

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