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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Childe Goddess

Got a visit from Torley last night. Got home from work then tried to build up enough enthuse to head out to take some more loads of stuff from the old house to the new. In that window, Torley appeared, and I was thus renewed.

Torley's gold :) Witty and wise, bright and cheerful, disarmingly direct, and exuding seductive chaos. Everybody loves Torley. She touches you and you immediately buy into her unique and enjoyable brand of madness (and I mean that in the best way).

Tired and worn down, a few minutes with Torley renewed my spirits and I got plenty of moving done in the evening. She wrote spiffy stuff about me in her blog...and five minutes later I discover that I'm on the front page of the Metaverse Messenger. Yow!

Suddenly I want to hide under a desk. Perhaps I can make one to hide under. Still a steady flow of new folks through Waterhead, though it's not nearly so much as it was. Lethe and I are working through them as we can, and ReallyRick is generally only a holler away when we need another virtual body.

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