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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I have always been here

Some days, I feel like I'm standing back-to-back with Torley, sheep and watermelons at our feet, while the panorama of SL stretches away around us, to a necessarily artificial horizon. A small patch flickers, and changes. A house becomes a castle. Elsewhere a castle becomes a store. A store becomes a park. A park becomes a bare flat expanse. Then something else.

A famous build is erased. Some time later it is reborn elsewhere. Then gone again...perhaps to return, perhaps not.

A new resident, one of my children arrives tagged up as a volunteer and ready to learn from me all over again. When did she grow up? How did I miss it? Surely I was admiring her first land just the other day.

Now the Ahern Welcome Area is being refit. Flicker. A change. Did you catch it? There. Again. The build that once was is being eaten up. Swallowed. Erased. Fallen to dust. Blown away. In a few weeks, we will have residents for whom it was always that way. What is new, becomes what always was.

Sometimes I can see myself telling new residents down the track, "You know, I can remember when we only had 2,000 sims, and no haptics gloves or eyetrackers. True! We used mice, and keyboards."

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  1. Ah. Sage.

    There will come a time when we'll tell new Resis about camping chairs, and they'll gawk in awkward confuzzlement.


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