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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Focus - Mera Pixel

Mera Pixel's been inworld about three weeks now. I taught her at the outset, and I'm pleased to see her again and again. She's been haunting The Shelter (I might say dogging it, but of course that's Travis' bailiwick) and helping people. She's made a game show centred around building and so far it's been a great success.

Mera's going to make a great mentor (or possibly a greeter...or both). She's bright and helpful, utterly reliable, and learns quickly. You can give her a new resident to take care of and know they're in the very best hands.

If you bump into Mera, inworld. Let her know how much her work means. She's a star.


  1. The building show is Dolmere's. I just helped with some polish. I'm overwhelmed by this. Thank you Tateru!

  2. I hear good things about you, Mera! :) Congratz Tat on your Second Opinion appearance, and I hope this brings more good things to come. I know it will--


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