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Saturday, January 28, 2006


There are so many moments, when you are dealing with the new entries. Moments of wonder, delight and coolness. Moments of terror, annoyance, shame. All the little incidents that happen as a new person fits into their new digital body and it's new virtual world, and try to get comfortable and find out their limits.

It's hard to talk about these in specific. A lot of them feel too... personal to bandy about. You share their joys, their woes and their successes and problems as they get to grips with SL. Then they move on, and, of course you hear from them time and again. Always with this or that thing to show you, or to tell you about. Some you don't hear from so much, but they remember you, and it's wonderful bumping into them again. Or running into their brother, or sister or friend or wife or husband on Help Island, also making a start, with fond regards from the person you helped last week, or last month.

They will always remember their first moments in Second Life. They will always remember you.


  1. Tateru,

    You helped me one evening and I appreciated it. SL name is Cal Callisto. I think I picked up one of the roses you left on the ground. I like your dress.


  2. Checkov Kivioq5:09 PM


    You know we all remember you! For those of us who spent several days on help island, we will never forget the random dance parties on your disco pad!

    I loved our talks about SL, my only regret in leaving help island was less chances to stumble on you and your fellow volunteers.


  3. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Hey....Tats has a blog :) where DO you find the time, woman?? Methinks you have a small qantum-disrupting device hidden up your sleeve :)

    xo spiderkitten

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    at this moment i'm not a resident. i'm an intrested on-looker. i, after having read residents coments, can honestly say i love where you're coming from.


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