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Monday, November 07, 2005

Mentor Focus - The Katiahnya Channel - All Katiahnya, All The Time

I said a few positive things about Katiahnya Muromachi the other day. Well, I'm hardly done yet. She's patient and poised. Communicative and clear. Her appearance, particularly is striking. She really wows the newcomers, yet somehow without making them feel like ugly crows, or underpriveleged or disadvantaged.

She inspires them to work on and refine their dress and appearance, without making them feel like poor cousins, and all just by being there. So self-effacing that she could just about efface herself across a sim border by sheer power of humility.

She deals with the newbies with respect, geniality, and compassion, remembering that though they are all, as yet, unskilled, they are our equals. Can we all tell ourselves honestly that we do that?

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