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Monday, November 07, 2005

Masters and Apprentices

Lethe is more or less my constant companion at the moment. We're both working the newbies at Waterhead. I'm not sure what the intake process is, but newbies are still appearing there regularly. Either just after OI or after a little stumbling about.

Lethe is something like a friend and apprentice. As we do our thing in SL, I'm also trying to introduce her to a larger segment of my friends-list. That, conceivably, could take rather a while, considering it's size. Some of them she will take to well. Others, of course, she won't. People are people.

Of course, once I teach her enough of the Dark Side of the Force, she will doubtless try to strike me down, and declare herself the Master. In the meantime, she forms a pleasant constant in my newbie-oriented work in SL. Just having her there means I can grab a coffee, or a snack, have a cat-related disaster, or get stuck talking to my in-laws on the phone, or any one of the many RL things that can pull me away for a minute or five or ten, without having any of my charges feel neglected. Lethe's always there to back me up, or to let me vent via IM, when I feel a need to.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting Lethe, I am. Another gold entry, Tat.


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