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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Teach them to fish

Taught my newbie building class at the NCI today. Only the one participant this time, but attendance is highly variable. It's a very basic lesson. Camera controls, and nothing you can't really learn yourself at the Ivory Tower of Primitives. Some folks like to get that personal touch, plus I often get some people come back for a refresher, two or three times, before they feel comfortable that they've absorbed the basics.

kk Mechanique popped by for a bit afterwards (as did another person) and at the end of a spirited and wide-ranging discussion that started on (and occasionally passed back through) Education in SL, I had promisories for three more for next week. I'm kind of hoping not to TP in and see a class of 30 again, though. That happened to me in the third week I was running the class, and it freaked me out a little. I'm more comfortable with five or so. 30 is like teaching a sea of mannequins.

Lethe got me a huggy Cthulhu doll! Yay! Just the sort of dose of cutesy madness and horror I need :)

Still processing newbies at Waterhead. It's certainly slowed down there some, but there's almost always someone new there looking for aid, either the basics, or building, scripting, clothes-making, vehicle-building or whatever. Some of them are just in need of someone to talk to. And we're there to provide.

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