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Sunday, November 06, 2005

That Was the Weekend that Was

It's nice to see Katiahnya Muromachi wearing her nice shiny new Mentor tag. She takes Mentoring as seriously as it deserves to be taken, and is a more than fitting representative of SL for the new folks to treat with. It's just so great seeing her do her thing.

Sent Torley a little present. She was impressed with the original one hanging over my store, and I jiggered up a watermelonised version as an attachment for her. She's pleased. I'm pleased that she's pleased.

Had a bit of a shooting incident in Waterhead. A newbie Clone Trooper got a bit out of control. Took some stern words to restore order, and I'm not sure it sunk in. All the uninvolved newbies who were present at the time (about a half-dozen) logged off during the shooting. I'd hope that we see them again, but I'm not confident. *sigh*

And then there's Karmmann Ghia. All of Sean's boisterousness, without his edgy confrontationalness. Don't get me wrong though. I like Sean's edgy, confronting, creepy, disturbing ways. He makes me smile, and is like an embodiment of social satire. Karmmann is all the energy, channelled in different ways. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm laughing with him, or laughing at him, but he's certainly having a great time! :) He's so hung up on Katiahnya that she could form a personality cult out of him and turn him into a Dark Army, if she wanted to. I'm sure he'd be game as long as there were drinks, nibblies, and trampolines.

Had a great time with Lethe, Ginny, Alienbear and Fairge, generally during the quiet time of early, early Sunday SLT. All in all, very satisfying, while we waiting for the next group of newbies to arrive.

(24 days)

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