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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Saving Daylight

Well, daylight saving is now on here, and off in the USA. That means I'm timeshifted two hours earlier with respect to SLT. That's going to make some meetings and whatnot harder to get to, but on the plus side, it means I got to attend a Show Tell (Primworx)!

I managed to get to a Show Tell event on my first or second day in SL, and haven't been able to make it to any since (too late or too early). Had a lot of fun. Caught up with a bunch of people that I've regrettably not had a chance to spend much time with recently.

The flavour of our current newbie intake remains...peculiar. There are some good ones still, but most of the rest remain pretty uncommunicative. Uncharacteristically so. I am perturbed by it, and some of the mentors have been likewise, as the newbies ignore all hails, refuse inventory offers and just shoulder on past mentors and welcomers. If it were only a few you might think it was just alts of oldbies, but there are dozens, literally hundreds of them.

Strange days indeed. The intake has slowed. We're at 74,787 at the moment, and 3700 inworld. A bit of a jump. I'm interested to see what changes the intake brings.

Ali, Shelaura, Topaz - thank you. Things were a bit nuts this-morning, but you all kept me smiling.

LightWave, SexyEyes - Wish I could have spent a bit of time chatting.

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