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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another day, another thousand

And there's another thousand newbies.
The last couple thousand have been quite a bit different from the usual intake. Most of them have neither spoken nor asked questions, even with a full crowd of mentors and helpers on hand. Perhaps they were listening to answers given to other people. Mostly they wandered in circles, stood in one place, and eventually wandered or logged off.

Of the few folks who are asking questions, fewer of those seem inclined to do more than ask a question or two, get their answers and move on.

The remaining few are gold. Talkative, inquisitive, and suchlike. Most already socialised in other online environments by some means. Looking forward to seeing more of those folks. I really hope the others do well and fit in though. I keep wondering if there's more we could be doing for them.

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