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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Poll: Adult content - Both sides of the question

Alright, as you're probably aware, there's a JIRA issue (MISC-2727) asking Linden Lab to halt all of the plans, policies and changes coming for Adult Content in the coming months. That's gotten a whole lot of votes.

What I'm more interested in though is the spread of reactions from as many Second Life users as possible. Not just against the policy, but also for it and those who are simply uncaring. Doesn't it make a whole lot more sense that we try to have as much data as possible, rather than just clustering together with those that agree with our position?

To that end, I've put together a poll.

Tell your friends (heck, tell your enemies, even - assuming you have any) and spread it around (but please don't spam, because that's plain inconsiderate). It would be nice to get some representative figures from both sides of the argument -- and so far, only Linden Lab has anything like those numbers. Do you like the scheme? Do you hate it? Are you somewhere in between and see problems with it?

The poll (courtesy of Vizu) is anonymous, and frankly I don't care which individuals think what about the policy (so if you really don't want to leave a comment, that's okay). This is more about aggregate numbers and percentages anyway. But it won't be representative without your support. The poll closes May 12, 2009 12:00 am PT. Then we can look at the results and decide what it all might mean.


  1. I voted Other.

    I think that the policy appears to be getting hammered out with a lot of communication between those affected and LL, but as with any major policy change, communication of this policy to those enforcing it and consistency of enforcement is key.

    I've gotten notes from folks that have gotten nailed for various policies that should have gotten warnings first. These gunslinger wannabes present within G-Team should be slower to shoot first and ask questions later, because all the transcripts show their higher-ups suggest investigations and talking things out, then acting.

    Being Abuse/customer-facing with judgment calls does such, I admit. Been there myself. But in the heat of the moment, the good ones can sweat a little before reaching for the six-shooter.


  2. Hi,

    My biggest concern on LL atitude in this issue, it is how they are going to deal with the adult content and keep it on a "safe" place. Mean while there are much more problems to solve they are trying to do the same over and over, like Crap Mariner says "enforcement is key", At least those who still have a moral guideline still up to fight against that. I will vote o Jira asap ( not possible on work ).

  3. I voted to address this in a totally different way.

    There IS a need to control adult content, but for those who own sims and land who need to not see it. Hence why I suggested a completely different idea based on content ratings.

    I suspect a lot of this is pressure by government to control not only adult content, but IP issues, such as the Taser lawsuit. I wish they would address this in a more logical manner by actually listening to the customers who said quite clearly why they didn't like Second Life.


    The flat out fact is that age verification is not allowed in most foreign countries in this manner. The beginning of this whole brouhaha started with a German TV station (public TV, which has a TV fee everyone pays as a tax, mind) and German courts have thrown out the idea of taking credit cards and public ID in court. All that you can do is buy a yearly subscription to a very expensive USB dongle which effectively monitors everything you do on your computer.

    If that's not a privacy issue, nothing is. If I was forced to use that in Second Life, I would leave Second Life. And I know, darn well... that there is a good chance the child protection agencies will one day latch on this fact.

  4. Germany is Second Life's second largest single market, if I recall correctly.

  5. I think they go at it back ways. It is almost impossible to sanitize everything and have the 'dirty' in one spot.

    It wouldn't be upsetting if they made a PG continent, it would attract the business and people interested in that, and they would police themselves fiercely. We might even have a outlet there.

    But my issue is with private estates/island/sims.
    I'm still not sure what it will mean for Private estates, We always have had the mature setting on our sims, just because it grants you the most freedoms. We don't do anything that is not pg 99,999% of the time. I don't like to pre-emptively relinquish freedoms.

    I like to think that our sims are open for everyone, even the people without payment on file or age verification. But if I do that, as I understand it, I for instance wouldn't be allowed(by the tos) to work on skins in our sims. Setting the sim to AO would make us disappear in search for Corporate business purposes.

    The stupid the thing is even if we do, the likeness that we would be reported would be negligible. For me that proves my point, that they are doing this backwards.

    The likeness that any of us will reported for doing something wrong(according to the tos) will be tiny to zero, and as such we will all be breaking the law(tos), because it can't be enforced and is undesired. Even the corporates and educationals will be breaking the law at times.

    So why make a rule that will be unjust, only penalizing the few people who do get reported from time to time, while the majority does the same. It would quickly reek of favouritism, even if it ain't the case.

    If LL just limited their changes to their estates, I would be fine with it. They should be able to structure their estates as they feel like it, as I can ban anyone who not wears purple if I feel like that. My worry is about private estates connected to the grid.

    This makes we feel that it is time for LL to split up, in easily recognizable parts, sim/server rental, the linden estate, and the software development. But I should explore what that would mean somewhere else.

  6. I voted for a different way.

    Good news, we just managed to get Ladyboy removed from the current "secret" filterlist and could close http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-2736

    I also had a long chat with Blondin 2 days ago about that issue and repeatedly asked him to open for dialogue and work things out together with residents instead against them.

    Given both I still have some hope for the better, although not much.

  7. It's a shame that we're still not advanced enough to see that sex is a nice thing, and not dirty at all.

  8. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I suppose the poll option that makes most sense was discluded purposely(as was the presentation behind it)?

    It was a simple business decision. LL is marketing aggressively to businesses, corporation, governments. How about an option for "this is a smart BUSINESS move by LL that will assure further growth of the grid"?

  9. @anonymous: I'd say that one would fall under "It's a good idea all around", no?

  10. I'm not, of course, not polling as to why Linden Lab is putting the measures into place. I assume as you do that they did it because they think it's the best option.

    The poll is about how users feel about the policies.

  11. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I paid for Mature land when PG land was dirt cheap. I deserve the rights that I paid for. Period. This is a joke.

  12. Hiri Nurmi2:55 AM

    I just tried the new .23 view. Searching on mature for --
    Blocked due to community standards

    32 hits. Including
    Gore Lovers - We are people who relish the wonderful sadistic art that is Gore, Blood,

    Geisha's of Gore
    babes with blades ! hoo fuckin haaa!! also just people the officers think are hot/cute/fuckable ....

    Right, so some SL censor somewhere believes that the name for a made up Science Fiction world that was mainstream published in the 1960s is so dangerous to SL's public morality that you have to have jumped though hoops to see it, but hot blood drenched babes are absolutely fine.

    I'm guessing Gore is unblockable too, due to a certain well know ex-vice president and climate change campaigner. What an absolutely stupid idea this whole thing is.

  13. My opinion: LL is taking a step back... because simply put, 5 years from now, when virtual worlds are common, and when people become more liberal thinking over time, this issue will be moot.

    I have no problems with people not liking adult content in their backyard, and at the same time, segregating adult content is a conservative preventative way of thinking. and pushing limits onto the world is going to hurt LL and SL in the long run.

  14. Some new information has just come to light. See Massively.com later today.

  15. Somebody come out and just explain this whole set up in a clear manner. Torley Linden video anyone? Somebody at LL needs to step up and explain it all in no uncertain terms

  16. Anonymous1:12 PM

    If this is all about catering to resepectability to entice a burgeoning business market, why not give them their own world where all these restrictions can be in place and noone who frequents them would have to be exposed to any of the possibly adult content of the SL world. Actually, you have to hunt for it if you really want it anyway - and if their conference associates want to have fun ashore later, that's up to them.

    (PS I wouldn't mind if they gave the vampires their own world too - not that I am making any comparisons :-)


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