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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Live feeds/dead feeds

No word about the broken statistical feeds. On the JIRA side, Coco Linden reopened an old JIRA ticket about it. On the PR side, still waiting for a response.

The end of April is coming along, so I'm going to assume that the feeds are shut down as a matter of policy (rather than say incompetence). They're not getting fixed, and they're not getting talked about, even though statistics are quite the PR focus at the moment. Even if they were a lower priority than the slightly balky wheel on Harmony's chair, you'd have at least expected to hear about that by now.

What's left, but to assume that the change is intentional? (Or that the breakage wasn't, but leaving it broken is?)

I've updated the charts page, moved live charts towards the top, and marked the defunct information more clearly.

CORRECTION: The Last-60-days active user data sputtered erratically back to life a few days ago, and is reporting again. My scripts, alas, ignored it because the signup data itself had ceased. That graph is working again - though the feed has been silent for almost all of Q1 2009.


  1. It does make one wonder what they're hiding. Even if they aren't actually trying to hide anything, the silence makes it seem suspicious.

    *puts on tinfoil hat*

  2. I have a theory, and it isn't one with good long-term prospects for SL.


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