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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some statistical feeds continue offline

I've been getting a lot of email since January about the statistical graphs, particularly the users-logged-in-over-the-last-60-days figure and the total signups. Fact is, that those parts of the statistical feeds from Linden Lab were frozen in January (around the 13th/14th of that month) and have not been updated since, though the data is still flowing for other parts of the feeds.

I've made some queries about it, but there has been no response. It's anyone's guess as to why the data is unavailable, especially as it happened shortly before an interview with Mark Kingdon, where he was talking about the quality and quantity of the available statistical data.

It's been more than three weeks of downtime on this data, so if it isn't an intentional outage, I guess it isn't a priority item to fix.


  1. And if it's intentional, it's a mockery of the openness in governance Rosedale promised and attempted to implement in his time at the helm.

    Okay, so honestly it could have been done better on several occasions, but at least he failed to show any reluctance to do it.

    Mark's new shine is wearing off for me with news like this.

  2. come now, they stopped publishing the "regions added" stats back in November when the number stood at negative 5000+ and counting as the fallout of their openspace sim policy started cratering upon the grid. The regions added stats will not appear again until it is a positive number, probably when there are significantly less than 20,000 sims left on the grid (how about THAT for economic growth, eh Zee?). LL cannot tolerate bad PR resulting from their own data.

  3. So, why remove data that's making them look good?


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