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Monday, January 21, 2008

Portal, you lost me

Sorry, Portal. For nearly a half hour, you asked for wit and ingenuity. Then right near the end you started asking for reflexes. Sorry, I don't actually have any of those.

Guess I won't be able to finish the story. A shame.


  1. I've pretty much given up on modern computer games. Low tolerance for deliberately designed frustration, I guess. I ended up fulfilling my popular culture literacy requirements for Portal by watching walkthrough videos for each level on YouTube. Not a bad way to spend an hour or so, and now I know what all that stuff about the Weighted Companion Cube and the whole "The cake is a lie!" thing was about.

    I've done that with quite a few of the recent blockbuster web-meme-inspiring games lately. Almost as good as playing them, without all that tedious "fun" and "effort" to muddle through.

  2. The cake is probably toxic, given the list of ingredients.

    Didn't stop me working out the endgame sequence though. Getting the Anger Module is a pain, however.


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