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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Windlight from Albion

This is what Windlight's sky looks for me.


  1. It looks pretty lame to me too, Tat. Neither of us have Shader Model 2.0 on our video cards I gather. Ah well...

  2. It works perfectly for me. You must be doing it wrong.

  3. No vertex shaders. I've just tried on another system, and it won't let me enable them there either.

  4. Disappointed with Windlight under linux too. Can't enable vertex shaders under linux on a geforce 7600.

  5. Windlight's current implementation is rather.... quirky.


  6. Tateru, I've seen the sky look like that briefly for me, as well, almost like it was rezzing, since it does go away for me after a second or so.

    However, I haven't seen clouds since installing the FLviewer, so I think a lot of the WindLight effects are lost on me.

    Also, cannot enable that Vertex option, either, as it promptly closes my viewer whenever I try.

    Guess I will go back to the normal viewer....

  7. hi Tateru, to get vertex shaders on Linux you have to comment this line, in the secondlife script that starts the viewer:
    you export LL_GL_BASICEXT=x

    your writings are really appreciated :)


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