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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Red glare

So, I am sitting at my desk, inworld, talking about some content creation, and suddenly there is a bright red glare. A bright red laser dot, shining through a crack in the drapes in the middle of the evening, right into my left eye.

I was afraid at first to go to the door, fearing what I might find, but I ultimately opened the door with my partner backing me up. Nothing. Nobody. Walk out and look up and down the street. Not a soul, and not a sound.

Now I can't see properly out of my left eye.

Yes, we called the police. I felt a bit silly about it, but they they took it quite seriously and there is now a patrol car cruising the streets.

It has been about a half hour now, and my left eye is still all blurry.


  1. Interfect Sonic7:45 AM

    You should really get your eye looked at. Lasers can do a lot of damage.

  2. Garn Conover9:33 PM

    bloody damn kids and lazer pointers, tiss the reason most places up here got rid of em in schools and such :S Hopefully it gets better *nods* but then you could become a pirate if ya wanted.... what an image Pirate Tat the swashbuckling SL'er


  3. It was a form of physical assault, plain and simple. Don't try to explain it away even though its only a laser - lasers have been proven to cause severe eye damage before.

    And yes, I would get that eye checked out. Have the police countersign against the bill if necessary - this is a matter of medicating on the after-effects of a assault.

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  5. yorhe:

    Please refrain from using the comments field on a blog to air your partisan concerns.

    You could have gotten a faster response and notice if you had IMed Tateru Nino inworld. I'm not really sure how much slower it'll become being put through this way.

  6. Heiko Decatur3:45 AM

    Eeh, get the eye checked. lasers aren't meant to go near your eyes. I wish you health and cake.


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