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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Visitors - afterwards

That was ... wow.

Okay, there was some lag (especially at the outset), and we had some attachment problems (they kept coming off, but we managed anyway). And you know how you get IMs at the most blitheringly awkward moments? That happened a lot too.

I'm glad to say that nobody's hug gadget failed, despite the arduous workloads they subjected to.

I was on my very best behaviour. I did not force anyone into indentured servitude or lock them up in a dungeon. I did bite a bit - but there were no actual injuries.





  1. I'm told there was moaning as well (when the topic of Momma Tat coming to europe was brought up :-P )

  2. I'm glad your visit went well.

    A feww weeks ago I had my boss and other guests at my SL home. I was a bit tired, so when I tried to sit on my sectional couch, I accidentally selected take, causing the couch to immediately disappear and my guests hit the floor.

    Yeah, that was a real ice breaker...


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