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Thursday, January 11, 2007

CSS wackiness

Incidentally, I know the banner doesn't really render correctly due to bugs in the way Internet Explorer handles CSS (cascading style sheets).

As near as I can tell, Internet Explorer users see it as shown in the top half, and everyone else (Firefox, Netscape, Safari, et al) sees it as it is in the lower part.

Barely 3% of you are using Internet Explorer, however. Is it something that needs fixing?


  1. IE's so screwed up and nonstandard that you might as well not bother, if it's only 3% of your audience.

  2. Tateru,

    I've had the same issue, and believe its related not to CSS but rather how older versions of IE handle transparent .png files, that is to say, not well.

    It required a nasty hack to fix, but it looks like this has been addressed in IE7, where I just checked your header -- looks great!

  3. 3%? Of course it needs fixing. Those folks need to get Firefox! :-)

  4. Good web design dictates designing for as many people as possible. Surprisingly enough, there is still a significant minority that still uses IE7. This includes several Windows-only MMORPGs that utilise IE+ActiveX login procedures.

    Seriously though, this bug doesn't seriously impact on the design. it's got your name, your face and the Japanese word for Tat. It doesn't need fixing: even IE users still get all the info as anyone else does from the design, only not as perfectly...

  5. Wow — only 3%?! I'm utterly surprised! My own blog still has Internet Explorer leading with 47.55% (2/3 of which with IE6, 1/3 with IE6), and Firefox closely following with 42.73%...

    I wonder why th Microsofties hate your blog, Tats ;) Interestingly enough, 38% of all Windows users visiting my blog use Firefox...

  6. I'm on the current IE and I see the lower image.

  7. I've emailed you the fixed PNG Tat :-)

  8. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Wow, 3% is low -- lucky you! My site (mostly a blog) sees 38% IE, 17.5% FF, 5.7% Safari, and a huge 26.5% unknown (spiders?). But I'm not dealing with a huge number of hits. :)

    -ali maltz


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