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Friday, January 12, 2007

CSS wackiness II

SignpostMarv Martin has kindly provided a corrected image which we think should fix the problem. It has been dropped into place, and looks fine provisionally on MSIE7 and Firefox.

With luck, all will be well.

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  1. chip poutine
    I've had the same issue, and believe its related not to CSS but rather how older versions of IE handle transparent .png files, that is to say, not well.

    Chip was right when he said it was related to how older versions of IE- Trident- didn't have full support for transparent PNGs.

    What they'd tend to do is display a grey background (blame the software used to create the PNG), or in Tat's case, an off-colour blue background.

    This is because the colour is stored in the bKGD chunk of data in the PNG.

    "How did Marv fix this ?" I hear you say.

    I have lots of crap floating about in my head, some of it useful information, most of it useless. I read an article on this topic a while ago (it might've been on A List Apart, I'm not sure) which referred to a certain tool: TweakPNG.

    Once I had the program on my HD, I downloaded a copy of the 'broken' PNG, grabbed the RGB values of the background color value from the CSS, did some math-fu and plonked the resulting value into TweakPNG's interface.

    End result, Tat's blog looks just as good in an inferior rendering engine as it does in a superior one.


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