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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve (first pass)

Being on this side of the dateline, I've got the jump, and I can have my New Year's Eve celebrations tonight (starting now, in fact) and then have them again tomorrow with the majority of my friends - assuming I'm able to sit for long enough (my back is still being a problem)

Here's our current best friend. It was a gift. It's cousin (an identical bottle) is on standby. Another gift.

Here's to you and yours. I'll raise a drink for you. And one for them. And one for us.

And maybe a couple more.


  1. I've got a fair few bottles of Port, as well as a bottle of Sake on standby :-)

    Here's hoping the grid stays up long enough to celebrate the new year without a crash :-D

  2. Mmm. Sake's a good idea. A couple litres of that would go down very nicely right now.

    Bonus: The alcohol's numbed my back-pain and I can sit, and type for the moment. Of course, I'm actually a little bit too sloshed to be safe trying to hold any sort of a conversation with anyone.

  3. starcomber Vig12:30 PM

    We'll drop a couple Cawarra in game thanks to an AUS client, all the British Merlot we could get our hands on and Baileys's aplenty to resurrect sometimes later on.


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