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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cover girl

Second Life Business Magazine has done a feature on me and slapped my blushing face on the cover.


  1. Not that you don't look great in color, but Wow! Noir City, here I come!

    "I knew the dame was trouble the moment she walked in. For one thing, I never trust a woman with glasses. For another, there was a hole in her chest through which I could see her heart beating; never a good sign."

  2. Great article Tat, although I misread Homogenous into Homogenerous, which had me wondering for a bit.

    If I was contacted by a magazine, I can guess what page they would want me on.

  3. Marcel6:10 AM

    What happened to SL Business magazine? I only get an orange screen!

  4. Apparently they changed formats from the magazine format to a different one. The old content may have gone missing. I've got the file if anyone wants it.


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