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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No such thing...

Some folks say there's no such thing as bad press.

I've never really believed that - I'm more inclined to believe that the Court of Public Opinion can be exceptionally harsh. Trial by Media is also generally accepted as being relatively terminal.

However... There's dozens of web-media articles on the SL security breach, plus articles in print media such as newspapers and tech magazines; TV spots on the news, and radio, even.

You'd think data exposure on that scale would put people off.

Instead, yesterday...Record number of signups. 16,610 in 24 hours.

I guess the awareness outweighs the negativity. Imagine that.


  1. Of course, a lot of those signups could be people creating new accounts because they couldn't fix the passwords on their old ones...my friend Ed (Edward Tal) did that, creating "Edward Yer" before he could fix his primary account.

  2. Quite possibly, but the Help Islands have been absolutely packed with new people. So much so that another (fourth) Help Island had to be opened.

    I won't discount that some of them are probably people just trying to get online after being unable to get in other ways, though

  3. That is utterly astounding.

    Oh! I know! We can start a rumor that Second Life causes bubonic plague or something. Or maybe the Andromeda Strain. Something really mediagenically horrifying. We'd outnumber World of Warcraft inside a month.

  4. Shockwave Plasma12:25 AM

    You might have heard of Jamie Oliver?
    He's a TV chef in the UK, He started a programe to improve the dire quality of food being cooked in UK schools.

    He lambasted a particular product called Turkey Twislers, and actually put them in a blender and showed the children what went in to making them. So those kids never at them again, as it was pretty disgusting stuff.

    Two weeks later, Turkey Twisler sales were up 30%.

    So sad, and just so typical.


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