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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not with a whimper...

Well, the forums are on the way out, it seems.

It also appears that the rules are pretty much out the window now. People who were already disinclined to follow the forum guidelines have realised they've no longer got much of anything to lose by breaking them.

It's like watching rioting looters, crossed with catwalk models.

There's probably some good people in that welter trying to have some worthwhile discussions. Pity they've been so few and far between lately.

So, it looks like the rough-and-tumble of the forums is going out with a bang - only barely anyone will actually notice.

Many of you are only becoming aware of the existance of the forums now from the blog entries about it's impending closure. There's an irony there. Most SL Residents will probably never find out.

It's not pretty in there right now, but if you've wondered why they're being closed, there's probably no better time to get a clear picture. Just mind what you step in.

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