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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Reading the numbers II

Okay, let's have another run up at the population figures, now that we have a something to compare it to.

The economic stats show the population logged in over the last 60 days is 154,440. A whopping 99,985 of those are new accounts.

That gives us a repeat business figure of 54,455. Only 2,152 up from the figures I calculated last time.

Now we've got a reference point to work from, we can take a stab at figuring a retention rate. 99,985 into 2,152 yields 2.15% estimated new resident retention. About 1 in 50.

Of course that's based on only two data points less than a month apart. Additionally there's a few days slop in my new account numbers, until I get my data reprocessed for analysis. However the number feels relatively solid.

That reinforces the notion that the increased concurrency is the result of more existing residents making more time for SL, rather than the increased concurrency being a product of new residents.


  1. Becky Tardis9:47 PM

    Just out of curiousity how are you getting the number of new accounts, Tateru, since I don't see it on the economic stats.

  2. I capture the total population figures every day, from the website. That gives me the number of new accounts.


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