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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Take Inventory


Why didn't I spot these behavioural changes in preview?

The new tab? Very cool.

The way search behaviour has changed? Not so cool.

My traditional inventory search pattern has been:

  • Open inventory.
  • Tap in search key for something I know is in the vicinity of what I want.
  • That item appears right up near the top in most cases.
  • Select item.
  • Tap show all.
  • The inventory view expands but I'm still looking at the place I marked.
  • Browse for what I want.
This has always allowed me to find something quickly...even if I couldn't quite remember what it's exact name was...so long as I could remember the significant text of the folder name, or something I got around the same time.

Not anymore.
  • Open inventory.
  • Tap in search key for something I know is in the vicinity of what I want.
  • That item appears...somewhere. I may have to scroll down through a few hundred folders to see it now.
  • Select item.
  • Tap the little X
  • The inventory view expands, the folders close away, and I'm looking at the top of my inventory again.
  • Sigh and manually scroll and open folders until I find where I remember seeeing it from the search.
  • Then browse for what I want.

Also, interestingly the order of objects returned by llGetInventoryName() has changed, necessitating some rapid rewriting of scripts - yes...foolishly I had come to rely on that ordering alphabetically by name. Now...it doesn't. It might be ordering by UUID, or by something else. I'd have to experiment some. So, suddenly the birthday signs stopped working the way they should, and I had to wedge some extra code into the server. Done. Working.

Third. Sort by Date, Folders Always By Name.

New folders can wind up nearly anywhere, apparently. Created a new folder to pass some textures on, named it (beginning with a B for birthday). New folder, right? Sort by date should put that at the top? No. Went to the bottom.

So I checked Folders Always By Name. Nope! Still at the bottom.

About a half hour later, it finally bubbled up to where it was supposed to be. But I spent that half hour just trying to locate things in my inventory for people. Things whose exact locations, and precise names I'd never needed to know before, because I had a rapid scheme for locating anything.



  1. Found out about it via Torley's blog :-)

    Also, to get back to the old method:

    Open "Inventory"
    Click "Filters"
    Click "Modify Current"
    Uncheck "Show all folders"

  2. Bugs!

    Plz see:


    And yes it is my personal belief that "Show all folders" should be off by default.

  3. ah that is better... although i do hate the fact everytime someone comes online, i pop back to the top of inventory. Still.

    The new inventory makes me look like a packrat :D (it does make melook fat!)

  4. Also finding this a poorly implemented change. Say you've searched for a key word and found the item. Then you wish to look for something else. Your folders won't open. You have to delete the key word first. Sheesh!


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