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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Birthday parties

I'm not actually doing all this celebration planning and organisation single-handedly. I've put together a team of people.

  • Torley Linden I've got running hither and yon for me, doing all the lindeny things that I need done.
  • Mera Pixel is the site boss. Organising the main SL-ebration site, and the builders and scripters who will be working on it is her task.
  • Mimi Thereian is handling parade organisation.
  • Gonta Maltz and SpiderKitten Mirabeau are handling liaison work with the community showcases, and some marketing and PR. SpiderKitten is also trying to organise DJ's and live music for the big dome.
  • Amalthea Blanc is handling the resident art/sculpture display which will occupy approximately a third of the SL-ebration site.
  • Kai Sachertorte is trying to line up our historical talks.
  • Tao Takashi is minding the calendar, and the video showcase.
Me? I'm taking care of organisation, direction, vision, signage, meetings, clarification, information, ridiculous dictatorial pronouncements and the development of duodenal ulcers.

Like a startup company, we're all sort of mucking in wherever there seems to be a need.

Later there will be many more people to thank.

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