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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Patterns are the core of the human mind. The mind is the best tool available for recognising patterns. It's so very good at it, that it's quite possible to see patterns, even when they aren't there.

The mind will keenly match a pattern based on the flimsiest pieces, and respond appropriately. Even if the pattern it sees is not actually there.

That's why we see a flower in a screen full of static. Horses in the clouds. Elvis in the rust-spots on your fridge. The saint of your choice on a piece of toast.

There are other patterns, too. Patterns of rejection, of low self-esteem, perhaps abuse and failure. Patterns so deeply familiar to us from repetition that sometimes it's hard to see things in any other way.

Look after your fellow residents. Your fellow people. They may not always see the same things in the same way as you do. Our experiences and our expectations are different, and each of us sees ourselves least clearly.

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