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Friday, December 30, 2005


So, I take a break from Help Island to go help one of my kids on the mainland with a build problem. One thing leads to another - you know how it is; everyone suddenly has a small query or something to show, and that's fine. I love to help, and love to see how all my kids are getting on, if only I can find the time - and I'm gone for maybe 90 minutes.

What do I find when I come back? Shrines. To me. All over. Here are a few.

Add that to the sudden rash of gifts and thankyou notes in the wake of my building class the next day...well.

Now, I've got some mixed feelings about all of this. In context it's not really creepy or anything. Because there are so many people involved. And it's flattering, certainly. And makes me flush red to my roots.

I'm hardly certain whether I should just accept the Cult of Tateru, or ruthlessly suppress it as a waste of limited newbie funds. They're spending money on these texture uploads (in a couple cases, a lot), and that makes me feel a little awkward. Guilty.

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  1. LillyBeth Filth12:06 AM

    Newbies arent by default poor in RL? You are a Gods sends to SL I was directed here by the SL news paper thingie and when I 1st started I wasnt greeted and coulnt find my way back to welcome area I am STILL learning stuff now despite the fact I run a succesful hand drafted custom texture Store.
    But it seems so many ppl pity newbies like theyre homeless ppl!
    Just becuse theyre arent making a SL living doesnt make them poor w/o people buying L$ there wouldnt 'be' a purpose for other SLers to create and sell content.
    Newbies are rich-confortable- poor ppl in RL.
    Only the teenager newbies should be pitied about L$ balance in general :)


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