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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fifty-Two Pickup

Whew. Help Island has been mega-busy. 12 hours today in my first session, and 52 orientations. That's enough for a deck of cards, sans jokers.

(The jokers were there, but I don't count them: The fellow who wouldn't answer but walked up to me later and did some body-builder gestures at me, then wandered off and logged out; Mister no-pants - No, you do not make me hot, sirrah; That crowd)

There were a few jumps out to the main grid, in response to newbies urgently flashing the Tat-Signal, on top of all of this.

The best ones are the ones who spend at least a day on the island. They socialise better, they are more confident, and they learn faster and run into fewer problems on the grid.

Some of them come out looking like experienced oldbies. They get some initial orientation, they hang around with the volunteers, they practice, they listen, they chat, and some of them help out and teach, passing on what they know.

We're getting a heck of a lot of Christmas traffic. Not sure why, but Help Island's been darn busy, particularly today. Thankyou Zero Linden, and Patsy Linden for coming out and mucking in when our volunteer resources were spread thin. Katiahnya, SuezanneC, Brian Engel, Ginny Gremlin, Blueman, Toy; Thanks for just plain being there. Everyone else who popped in and out to help, bless you. We needed it.

Soon as I get this food down, it's back in again for the next shift.

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  1. This just keeps getting better and better! Tateru Nino, reportin' from tha front lines! Thanx for sharing the pictures too!

    I'm really getting a strong vibe that your blog is so unique in this respect, that you're capturing the essence of what it's like to help new Resis just fresh off of the OIs, truely and purely.

    Thank goodness you're doing it!


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