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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Walking Through Shadow

Either the world is much, much smaller than I had ever imagined, or probability and coincidence are experiencing some undue distortions in my immediate vicinity once again.

I sat down with one of my newbies (who has been busy IRL a little while) and we caught up, danced a little, listened to some music and exchanged idle chit-chat. I'd done his orientation when he first came in. A particularly enjoyable experience.

Turns out we have a number of rather suprising RL things in common. The odds against those things are pretty high, but probability gives you a bump now and again.

Then I get the utter wig. About 10 or 11 years ago. AmberMUSH. He and I Role-Played together for 2 years. The memories, the personality, the characters just came flooding back as if they had never gone. I still have one log, and we had a chance to reminisce about one of the major incidents for both of us.

Had he come in at a different time. Had I been busy with someone else, it's possible that we might have spent the rest of our time in SL and never crossed paths. The odds are astronomical.

My dear, dangerous, and much-missed Prince of Chaos. Welcome to SL!

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