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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Aith Faulkland - She's to blame

I bumped into some fellow newbies on my first day, and answered what questions I could. I learned the answers to the ones I couldn't, and kept bumping into newbies. Rinse and repeat.

I explored a bit, looked at a lot of stores. Spent a little time with the person who had convinced me to give SL a go, but our timezones don't have a lot of overlap.

Late on my second day inworld, I was feeling a bit excluded, and disenfranchised. I was too shy to try to be social with anyone. Some of you may remember me sort of hovering around the fringes of things, dressed like an english teacher, or a librarian.

And you know what you do when you're feeling like that, right? You get some new clothes! Specifically, I'd discovered YadNI's. I toddled along and looked through the various boxes.

I selected a big box of clothing and did the L$0 buy, and didn't untick that teensy little wear-immediately box. Instant wardrobe malfunction! Horror!

Suddenly, I felt awfully chilly.

Then Aith was there. Aith reassured me while I was struggling to get some clothing back on (or at least any combination of articles that totalled more than 16 square inches of covering, altogether) She continued to reassure me, and agreed that I needed a change of wardrobe, once I'd actually managed to recover my original wardrobe.

We swapped clothing items backwards and forwards, sharing, comparing, choosing one thing or discarding another. I'd suddenly made a friend. Aith took me in as an excluded wolf-child, and socialised me to SL. Clothes, hugs, hug attachment(!), introductions, chatter and companionship. Got me comfortable talking to people, when I would rather hide myself away, and gave the original wallflower a chance to blossom. Nowadays, Aith and I are both pretty busy, and our times don't coincide as well as they did, but...

Aith Faulkland, I owe you a debt that I can never hope to repay. You'll forgive me, I hope, if I keep trying to find ways to do it :)

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