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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Looks like we have a group of euro students in. I'm sure they're mostly quite nice. The first one though came in with a deformed av, and a griefer-style name, shoved the other newbies under tutelage around, and proceeded to become insulting, bigoted, sexist and generally embarassing to be in the same species with.

Then, after two full minutes of that, things started to get unpleasant.

Had a word with his professor, which earned me one(1) insincere apology from the student and more verbal abuse. Muted him, passed it on, made my apologies and left.

Not the sort of crap I need at 1am. Got a much better apology from the professor who was naturally quite embarassed. Bedtime. Tomorrow is another day...or at least it would be, if it wasn't today already.

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  1. Ya got tha sunshine, lots of it, and once in awhile, ya get—well, not rain, because rain is pretty—more like piss. A wasteful product.

    I'm sure you handled this with grace.


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