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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, logging on this-morning in the Waterhead rez area, I discovered that I was being machine-gunned before the loading screen even went away. Choice. Obviously, that's just the sort of thing to brighten my day after last night's effort.

Immediately reached for the Help menu about to reach for AR, then paused. Took a sip of coffee and thought, "Now, now, Tat. He probably just didn't read any of the info that he'd agreed to." and:

Me: Please don't do that.

Shooter: y not it dont hurt u

Me: HELP BASIC HELP COMMUNITY STANDARDS - Item 3, if that helps. It's really irritating. I don't come here to have automatic weapons fired at my head. There are places for that sort of thing.

To his credit, he took a moment or two to read it. Then asked me where he could go to do his shooting. I sent him on to Rausch. About every two minutes he respawned back in Waterhead, attached yet more guns to his person and TP'ed back to the landmark I'd given him (thanks for the LM, Data!)

On the whole, combat didn't seem to treat him very well. I think he ran someone down with a car later. I was sitting and IMing with a newbie, so my attention was diverted. Then there was another shooting war in Waterhead. After that, he felt unwelcome and left. Probably because most of the things he did either drew complaints, or were unsatisfying or both. I'm wondering if he'll be back. I suspect not.

After the NCI Salsa dance session, Lethe and I met an explorer by the name of Forcet Duport. A well-spoken, but gunshy furry. Seems he has been ejected from quite a number of plots and parcels for - apparently - being a fur. He was polite, and cautious asking carefully if he was permitted to stop awhile. He didn't stay too long, but we had a good chat, and he was pleasant company. It seems hard to imagine what fault other folks might have found with him that warranted ejecting such a polite person from their premises. Very civil. Very welcome.

I left for work minutes later. I believe the grid was shut down urgently minutes after that.

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