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Friday, October 28, 2005

Things that go bump

Looks like a lot of the lumps and bumps are getting sorted out. Nice to see the bumps being smoothed. Got some of my new tee-shirts into the system, and found a few designs that I did a couple weeks ago that I'd forgotten to upload. Whups! Time to play some catch-up.

Shout-out to Pym Sartre, for being my newbie of the day yesterday. Patient, friendly, cultured, urbane, civilized, well-spoken, and a pleasure to teach. Going to teach that boy to build, script, fly and crow!

And big hugs to Ginny Gremlin, mentoring like crazy. I always smile when I see her at work. It gives me hope.

Doug? Cruz? Where the heck have you been, boys? Tat's missing you!

Loving the new map. Prowled around it looking at odd bits of land, scrolling it around. Spotted something interesting on a little island, locked in the mainland. Some watermelony coloured prims, it looked like. Had to fly out there and seek the spoor of the wild Torley. No Torley to be found, these tumbled beams of pink and green were not hers!

Obviously the remnants of some lost island civilisation of watermelon worshippers. This must be all that remains of one of their holy places. Should have taken a snap. I've not yet developed proper touristy instincts.

Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair!

Teaching is learning. Learning is teaching. Remember that. Teaching orders knowledge in your head and gives you fresh insights into things you thought you already knew.


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