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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Citizens Inc

At approximately 7pm SLT, a resident with officer permissions invited several other people to the New Citizens Inc group, and proceeded to eject all non-member residents in the group, and change the group insignia to an inappropriate image - presumably for the sake of a couple of cheap laughs. The resident had not been invited into NCI as an officer, but joined using a group invite exploit several weeks ago.

Linden Lab stepped in quickly to correct matters, and the rogue residents were handled swiftly and professionally. At no time were NCI's funds or land assets in any jeopardy.

If you have been ejected as a member of the group, please do not take it personally. 655 residents were ejected from the group, and this was not - apparently a discriminatory process. Every non-officer member was ejected. We invite you to rejoin. NCI is an open enrollement group; you may rejoin anytime by using SEARCH > GROUPS > NEW CITIZENS INC > (SEARCH) and selecting JOIN NOW.

We do not anticipate any further problems with the group, and I apologise on behalf of the group officers for any inconvenience, disturbance or distress that this incident may have caused you.


  1. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I herd it was biggie come back from da grave. tupac too

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    its tru it was me b/c anyone can get shot but it takes a real nicca to pull da trigga

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    o snap nugs sry bout dat my fing b slippin


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