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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Elastic bands

Wed Jun 28 02:22:59 UTC 2006

8,017 residents inworld.

Seems like the elastic had stretch eventually. The last few days have seen a steep rise in resident concurrency that is not in line with the overall population curve. People are making more time for SL.

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  1. I have no data on how Linden Labs is doing financially; I'm always worried that they'll one day say "Well, we can't afford to keep going like this" and just quit.

    Having said that, most everyone I know in-world is a paying member. I know that LL is hoping to bring in many many more people, but keeping them is the trick. It just seems like keeping everything open to join SL without having to pay might end up biting LL in the sensitive spot.

    What are your thoughts?


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