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Friday, May 08, 2009

Second Life data update

Good news:

Second Life total signups is back on the air. The feed lit up again on 4 May. The weekly signup chart will come back online as soon as there's enough data. The figure presently reads 15,348,641. Pre-purge that was 16,753,668. How many accounts were purged is unknown, but shouldn't be hard to estimate with some reasonable accuracy.

Not so good news:

Linden Lab is only providing updated concurrency data twice per hour. Once at 5 minutes past the hour, and again five minutes after that (ten minutes past the hour). Then nothing for another 45 minutes. That means the 30-minute deltas are pretty useless. There's not enough data to chew on.

Technology is awesome.

Anyway, right now you'll see a lot fewer red sections in the charts. There have been a few internal structural changes as well, but they likely won't affect chart viewers in any significant way (except to save you a little bandwidth).


  1. I wonder how concurrency looks now that traffic bots have disappeared to a significant degree (at least, several of the places that I know of that ran 60+ bots no longer do so)? Has there been enough time to compare?

  2. Everything's kind of lumpy with the two updates-per-hour clustered at the top of the hour. There might be enough data to compare if things hold together this weekend.

    The granularity's a bit lousy, so it will increase the error margin a bit, but I should be able to make an estimate by the wee hours of Monday morning.


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