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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Concurrency stats offline

The live data feed for Second Life concurrency is off the air. It went dark on the afternoon of Thursday, 30 April, and hasn't been updated since.

Normally, I'd think of this as just another glitch in the statistical feeds. Heaven knows, there have been plenty of those -- having some missing data is not uncommon.

The timing got me thinking, though.

You see, Linden Lab purged a whole bunch of inactive, never-logged-on accounts (somewhere around the 800,000) mark. And just prior to doing so, the feed for the total number of accounts went dark - and has remained that way ever since.

30 April, coincidentally marked the day that the Lab was going to start taking action against traffic bots. Everyone, of course, was expecting to see concurrency take a bit of a hit, though it wasn't clear how much of a hit. Hard to tell, though, because the concurrency stats went dark that very day.

I'd love to think this was a coincidence, but the available history makes that an unreasonable conclusion.


  1. Not to mention the Total Land Mass statistic, which went dark immediately after the Open Space fiasco.

  2. True. I didn't figure that one in, because it wasn't a part of the live feeds, but you have a point there.

  3. I'm not really familiar with the data feeds. The only time I ever see concurrency is when I log into SL. That still seems to be available... Or is it that that number has been stuck at 76,942 since April 30?

    Ran Garrigus

  4. 76,942 is where it stopped at 2009-04-30 14:45:02 Pacific time.

  5. http://secondlife.com/app/login just changed from 76,942 to 77,018 right now

  6. oh well - it soon changed back to 76,042, so I'd say it's not working yet.


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