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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grab some Seshat

Are you following Seshat Czeret's blog? If you're interested in texturing, making clothing or her products, then you probably should be!

Smart, witty, cogent and educational! Grab an eyeful.


  1. Seshat rocks! <3

  2. I can see the attraction for Second Life, but Project Entropia really confuses me...

  3. They call it Entropia Universe these days. Marry a game to a sandbox-social-virtual-environment.

    Blue Mars said they were leaning in the same direction, though I haven't seen anything game-like in Blue Mars' releases, interviews or PR material lately. Maybe they dropped the game part.

  4. Seshat Czeret helps out a lot on NCi channels when in-world. Rocking.

  5. Kaine Lowenstark11:24 AM

    \o/ not JUST a pretty face, Seshat ^^


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