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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dwell On It: The Comic gets its own site

Well, it took me long enough, but long and arduous minutes after hazily making the decision, Dwell On It: The Comic gets a little Web-site of its own, with all 68 strips thus far (except a few that remain over at Massively.com) and in a more readable size than on the blog here.

New strips will get added there as they come out, but you'll still see them previewed here in the smaller size.

Either click here, or on the new image above the blog posts to go there.


  1. For some reason there was a sciencetology video add on the right. Wasn't sure at first if that was something purposefully placed or not. Anyway, cool that you have set up a separate comic site!

  2. You're not the first to mention that one. It's google adsense turning up whatever's next in the rotation.

    If any objectionable ads turn up, I can block them - but I'll need the domain name that the ad goes to.

  3. ...thanks, Tateru - I really appreciate your comics and reading it is so much easier now.

    (for something completely different: should you change your Office Hour time, please let know! I'm so sorry I could never attend)


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