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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Circumstances beyond our control

Due to a... let's call it a glitch for the moment (and one which I hope will be resolved very soon and very satisfactorily), there's not going to be any new content here for another day or two. You've probably noticed the sudden gap where you probably expected to see some rambling philosophical waffle, a comic, a picture of a cat, or an observation about Jack Thompson philosophically turning a cat into a comical waffle.

Bear with me, and hopefully this will be sorted out pronto, and I'll be back to posting real soon now.


  1. We hope everything gets sorted and await the return of your waffles!

  2. I just found some of your comics and think your work is great. I haven't been around SL that long but I still find it funny.

  3. Glad you're enjoying them! 'Funny' can be very hard to do, and funny comics can be pretty hit-or-miss. :)

    There will certainly be more!

  4. This sorting-out thing is taking longer than planned. I am less than pleased about it.


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